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RIP Michael

When I heard from my mom last night that Michael Jackson had just died, I was in complete disbelief. I said to her, "No way!" But of course, I went online and I checked it out and it turned out to be true.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson. He is probably my favorite singer/entertainer of all time. So many amazing songs, but I have to say my two favorites are Smooth Criminal and The Way You Make Me Feel.

Even through all the bad stuff that he might have done, I still enjoy listening to his music. So it's sad that he passed in such a shocking, sudden way. My heart goes out to his friends and family and all of the fans throughout the world who are mourning him. He touched so many people's lives, including my own, and the world has truly lost an icon. He is in my opinion, the greatest entertainer this world has and will ever see. No one will ever be Michael Jackson, no one will ever do for music and dance what Michael Jackson did. He was truly in a class by himself.

Rest in peace Michael, rest in peace.


I really need to find a Sephora Anonymous group because this store will seriously bankrupt me...


The Ebay situation is resolved! What a relief. I'm so happy that it's over with. I got an email this afternoon from Ebay saying that the listing had been deleted. I guess my emailing the Safety Team last night made them aware of this listing and they investigated it, found it to be fraudulent and deleted it.

I'm really glad I didn't pay for the item, otherwise the Seller would have my money and I would have no item or money. That's a great little scam they have going on there. Put up a fraudulent listing, hope someone is gullible enough to buy and pay for it. Then since the listing is fraudulent, Ebay deletes it, but the Seller has the Buyer's money and never sends the item out. The Seller takes the money out of their Paypal account, deletes their account, and the Buyer will have a hard time getting their money back from Paypal. That really is a genius scam.

Lesson learned. I will never buy anything name brand off Ebay ever again. No clothes, no purses, no sunglasses, no cosmetics. I think I'll just stick to buying my asian dvds. That's it.

But, something good did come out of this. I was telling one of my coworker's who is a MAC freak, and I found out that one of her close friends works for MAC. She gets all her MAC stuff half off. So my coworker offered to ask if her friend to get me the brushes. So instead of having to pay $32 for one brush, I'll only have to pay $16. So I'm super excited! I get my MAC brushes half off!

More Ebay woes...

*sigh* I just can't get this Ebay situation resolved. I found an Ebay Live Help Chat, so I did it. The guy was nice, but he said I had two options. One, I could contact the Seller via telephone and ask him to terminate the auction. And two, I could email Ebay's Trust and Safety Team and they'd look into it and most likely terminate the transaction. I chose Option 2.

The Seller has yet to respond to the two emails I sent him yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon. So chances are, he won't give me any type of response over the phone. So that's completely pointless. I wrote a nice little letter to Ebay saying that I felt scammed by the Seller since he was selling fraudulent MAC brushes and that I shouldn't have to pay for something that wasn't what his listing said it was. I also said how disappointed I was in Ebay's customer service since I actually emailed them yesterday afternoon and still have no received a response from them 28 hours later.

Not to mention, I'm worried that this Seller might file a "non-payment" case against me. I have until Thursday to pay according to his listing, but you never know. I caught him selling fake stuff, he might file one against me out of spite. So I'm a little worried about that. But the customer service rep I spoke to at Ebay said that all I would have to do is email Ebay and explain the situation and the non-payment case won't stick. In any case, how can a non-payment case stick if the Seller is scamming people??

I don't know anymore. I just really want this over with. I'm so sick of dealing with it already and its only been a day and a half. I really have no desire to ever buy anything off Ebay ever again. Aside from DVD's of course.


They pushed the DVD release date of Time of Dog and Wolf back to April 20th!!! I'm so mad! I'm dying to watch it again, and was "patiently" waiting for next Tuesday. Now I gotta wait another month. That seems like an eternity. :(

If it's too good to be true....

it probably is.

Sometimes I really wonder about myself. I've been wanting to buy myself some professional makeup brushes, cause my drug store brushes are horrible. MAC brushes are the top brushes in the makeup industry, and of course they're also ridiculously expensive. I'm talking 30-40 bucks a brush. I have no desire to spend $42 for a power brush. So me being me, I have to go out and find a cheap way to get them. Which of course leads me to Ebay. So I found a set of 24 brushes for $36.

I mean, HELLO!!!!!, should that not send off warning bells!!?? So stupid me buys them without really considering what the hell I'm doing. 2 minutes after I buy them I find all kinds of things online saying not to buy MAC brushes off Ebay because 90% of them are fake.

Luckily I haven't paid for them, and I have no intentions of paying for them. So at least I did one smart thing. I emailed the seller asking him for proof that they're authentic, which he hasn't responded to yet, and I don't think he will. I also emailed Ebay and told them about the situation and asked them if I could do a bid retraction. Since this MAC cosmetic scam seems to be running rampant on Ebay right now, I'm assuming they'll be okay with it. I just can't get over how many people are being duped into buying these sets of brushes. I mean, I'm watching scammers post listings with 20 available sets, and within a couple of hours, they're sold out! Ebay really needs to do something about this.

Aside from my Ebay woes, it was an awesome day. Two of the attorneys were out sick, and it was so peaceful. I barely did any work. My coworker and I chatted most of the day. I can't even remember the last time I had such a peaceful, stress-free day there.

And to top it off, Rafa won the championship at Indian Wells last night, so that made me happy too. I can't figure out how I've become so addicted to tennis over the last 6 months. Scratch that. I'm not addicted to tennis, I'm just addicted to Rafael Nadal. :) Hence the new avatar.

First day of Spring!

And it snows...

That's right. It snowed. Everything is covered in white. And we're supposed to get more snow showers today. Why the hell won't winter just go away?!

Deflated Balloon

I've been in the best mood since last night, and I come to this hell hole for 5 minutes, and its like someone took a needle and popped my balloon. Now I'm in a crappy mood and I hate it. I hate coming to work everyday and being in a bad mood for 8 hours. I feel so deflated.

What's up with this weather?

For the last few days we've been having this extreme heat wave. We've had four days of almost 100 degree weather, and very humid too. And lots of thunderstorms too. This are isn't equipped for such hot weather. Most of the schools aren't air conditioned, so there have been numerous cancellations and early dismissals. Our AC at work isn't working too well either. Those who work on the second floor have had to come down to the first floor to work. Luckily we have some room downstairs since Melinda left and Jacky's on her honeymoon.

And the crazy thing is that last week it was in the low 70s. Now its almost 100. And starting tomorrow, the temps are supposed to go down back into the 70s, until next weekend when its gonna be in the 90s again. Why can't the weather be consistent? We go from warm to extreme heat, back to warm and then to extreme heat again. All within a span of a day or so.

But its done wonders for my pool, which is a perfect 88 degrees. Too bad I can't use it since I have to work. Hopefully I'll get to use it this weekend.

Jacky's Wedding

I have decided that when I decide to get married, I am not having a religious ceremony. I am having a ceremony like Jacky and Eric did today. It was absolutely beautiful. Even I got teary eyed. It wasn't boring and full of sermons like a priest would give in a religious ceremony. Their ceremony had nothing to do with religion. The man who did the ceremony talked about how they met at our office, how they fell in love, how Eric proposed, etc. It made you feel more emotionally connected to them. There were famous poems and lines from various people about love read. The guy did a really great job with the ceremony. It made you really want to listen to the words and you could feel the love that Jacky and Eric have.

They got married at one of the most exclusive places in Jersey, and when I say this place was beautiful, I mean it was beautiful. Marble floors, huge fireplaces that had to be like 10 feet tall, vaulted ceilings with massive, massive chandeliers, french doors, french windows. The grounds were beautiful. There were several large pools with huge water fountains, stunning landscaping and gardens. They actually got married under this really pretty pavillion/gazebo style thing. I would love to have my wedding there. Too bad I could never afford it. Unless I marry rich, lol.

It was a beautiful day for their wedding too. But it was scorching. I think it got up to like 98 degrees, and miserably humid. We had to sit out in the sun during the ceremony at like noon, which is during the hottest part of the day. We were sweating so bad. Our dresses were stuck to our asses when we got up. After the ceremony was over it was a mad dash to the air conditioned comfort of the building! I even got a little sunburned on my face and chest. But its not too bad. Just a slight pinkish, which is good cause I'm way too pale.

The food was delicious. There was so much to eat. Long cocktail hour, so much food, open bar. That was fun. I didn't drink too much. I had a mojito, cause I've never had one before, and then I just stuck with cranberry and grey goose for the rest of the day. Filet mignon for dinner was delicious. Each person got a whole dish of yummy desserts, including a huge chocolate covered strawberry, apple cobbler, and piece of solid chocolate which was in a cup shape with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Plus the wedding cake, which I didn't even have because I was so stuffed.

But yeah, I had a good time. There were two highlights of the wedding. 1) A gay emcee that we were expecting to shout into the microphone "I'm gay!!" But it didn't happen. The guy thought he was Michael Jackson, he was dancing all over the place. 2) Some girl who looked like she was ready for a ballet recital. She was wearing a pink tutu.

Definitely the most interesting wedding I've ever been to.